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Vargellas Extra Virgin Olive Oil (pronounce as Var-gel-las)

Vargellas Extra Virgin Olive Oil (pronounce as Var-gel-las)

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Exclusively curated by Ekio, the Founder of green hydrant. 

"I always on a look out for high quality products and promoting good health, especially when traveling.  It was a wonderful find, for which I know, I have to bring them to Singapore and introduce to more people, who appreciate and understand its value.  I believe good quality of natural food products is very much needed to build and balance our bodies system.  Say YES to real food!

Portugal is well-known for their port wine. Little known to many, their Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a gem find and underplay for too long."

Awed by the award-winning Taylor's Quinta de Vargellas Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Portugal, they produce an exceptional olive oil, prized for its fragrance and richness of flavour.

It is extracted by first cold pressing of olives, harvested by hand from sustainably grown trees of Madural, Cordovil and Vercheal varieties. The olives are picked, milled, cold pressed on the same day. It produces a natural low level of acidity and an oil of the highest quality.

Located in Portugal, the Douro Valley, birthplace of Port, is one of the oldest and most beautiful of the historic European wine regions. Interweaved into this natural beauty are 13 hectares (2862 olive trees) which produce one of the finest olive oils organically, prized for its fragrance and richness of flavour.  The plump ripe olives are hand harvested in November.

It is used mainly in The Yeatman Gastronomic Restaurant (2 Michelin stars awarded in the 2017) in Porto.


Nutrition Facts

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest grade of olive oil. The value of the EVOO is determined from the way how it is planted, grow, harvested to extracted by cold pressing, in minimal processing.

It is high in natural antioxidants that reduces oxidative damage, which is essential protection against harmful molecules called free radicals.

It has modest amounts of vitamin E and K, plenty of beneficial fatty acids, and phytosterols from the olive fruit.

It contains oleic acid and oleocanthal, two nutrients that can fight inflammation. It reduces blood pressure and inflammation, protects LDL particles from oxidation, and may help prevent unwanted blood clotting.


Tasting NotesIt has a deep greenish yellow colour, green grassy aroma, and fresh lightly piquant flavour. It shows a complex and persistent finish, with a lingering freshness. Healthy can be tasty too!



1. Dip: Use it on your favorite sourdough.

2. Dressing: On your salad or tapas or cold dishes.

3. Drizzle: Toss it with your pasta eg. excellent for aglio olio, toast, fish, vegetables.

4. Cooking oil: The smoke points range from about 190-220°C. It can be heated around 180 degree celcius for 36 hours. It is highly resistant to damage. Widely used in Mediterranean diet and we need quality of good fats in our body.


Weight: 500ml

Origin: Portugal

Produced in Portugal



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