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Our Process

Not all juices are the same

At green hydrant, we believe great juice starts with a great foundation

We spent over a year researching raw ingredients and different juicers before producing a single bottle of juice. The investment in time and effort paid off—we are proud to say that every ingredient in the recipes we created have been carefully selected for its taste and benefit.

Our Standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, making it simple yet significant

We believe quality produce is the basis for producing good juice. Our fresh produce are handpicked for freshness so you get the best out of our nutrient-dense juices.

We clean thoroughly all the produce before juicing. As vinegar is a natural disinfectant, we soak our fruits and vegetables in an organic apple cider vinegar mixture to remove dirt, bacteria, pests, and pesticide. Leafy green vegetables are given extra care and meticulously cleaned.

We then weigh ingredients according to recipe and prepare them for juicing. We are particular about each step of our process because it is important to us that our juices are made at the highest standard possible.

We believe sanitation, time and temperature are key in keeping juice fresh.

We keep our utensils, bottles, kitchen surfaces and appliances clean, rinsed out and sanitised before use. Everything we use is food grade quality.

Our kitchen temperature is kept low with our fresh produces and juices refrigerated at 0ºC-4ºC at all times. We wash our ingredients in cold water, move them quickly through each station, and bottle the juice soon after they are pressed. We do not compromise on the taste, freshness and quality of our juices.

We believe there is a correlation between health and food science. We poured our heart and soul into getting this right—from researching to educating ourselves. We are not merely juice makers—we are certified nutritionists and we want you to benefit from what you consume.

We strive to rightly understand the link between food and technology so we can produce one of the best juices in the industry. We hold ourselves to a high standard because we believe that food is one of the most powerful tools we have to help our bodies live and feel better.

Our Juicing Technology

We believe in the true cold-pressed method for its minimal heat and oxidation 

Cold-pressed juicer (not slow or fast juicers) use thousands of pounds of pressure to extract juice. It keeps minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that have not been oxidised by the heat of fast spinning blades, nor does it force fruits and vegetables against a sharp screen. The nutrients and enzymes are thus preserved as well as the taste and integrity of the juice.

It also provides the longest shelf life (around 3-5 days, depending largely on the recipe ingredients) with minimal separation or breakdown of nutrients and taste. It creates the purest juice with around 99% liquid and less than 0.3% pulp. 

Cold-Pressed Juicer


Left to Right: Masticating (also known as Slow) Juicer, Centrifugal Force (also known as Fast) Juicer

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Our Sustainability Effort

We believe in being socially responsible in what we produce for consumption and as producers 

We bottle our juices in glass bottles because it is non-toxic, non-reactive and reusable. It is important to us that glass does not leach chemicals into raw juice and can be eventually recycled with no loss in quality.

Besides being mindful of what is good for us, we strive to be mindful of what is good for our environment. We produce juice based on pre-orders to keep our raw ingredients and juice fresh, and we achieve almost zero waste. Our pulp and vegetable scraps go to local farmers for composting, enriching the soil for more fruits and vegetables!

At Green Hydrant, we're committed to providing you with premium juices that support your well-being while preserving the health of our planet. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

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I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. ~ Genesis 1:29