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Our Process


Not all juices are the same

At green hydrant, we want the freshness and tastiness of our nutrient-dense juice to shine. Great juice starts with a great foundation, and we put a lot of thought into our recipes with each ingredient selected for its taste and benefit. Our fresh produce are handpicked for freshness and quality. 

GreenHydrant Cold-pressed Juice Technology and Process


Because vinegar is a natural disinfectant, we soak all our fruits and vegetables in an organic apple cider vinegar wash to remove dirt, bacteria, pests, and pesticide. Leafy green vegetables are given extra care and meticulously cleaned. We are particular about each step of our process because we want to ensure that our juices are made at the highest standard possible. 

After cleaning, we weigh the ingredients according to recipes and prepare them for juicing.


Each recipe is placed in a slow grinder and chopped to smaller pieces. The ingredients are then transferred to a hydraulic cold-press juicer where juice is slowly extracted. Cold pressed juicers use thousands of pounds of pressure to press out juice that is not oxidised by the heat of fast spinning blades, and are thus able to avoid a loss of nutrients or enzymes while preserving the taste and integrity of the juice. 

Work Environment

We keep our equipment, bottles, kitchen surfaces and appliances clean, rinsed out and sanitised before use. Besides making sure everything we use is food grade quality, we keep our kitchen temperature low at 24-25ºC and our fresh produce refrigerated at all times. We wash our ingredients in cold water, move them quickly through each station, and refrigerate the juice as soon as they are pressed. 

We produce our juices in small batches throughout the week to ensure that the taste, freshness and quality of our juice is never compromised. 

Our Standard

We poured our heart and soul into getting this right—from researching ingredients to educating ourselves. We are not merely juice makers—we are certified nutritionists, and we want to make sure that you will benefit from what you consume. We hold ourselves to a high standard because food is one of the most powerful tools we have to help our bodies live and feel better.