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Why cold pressed and not freshly squeezed juice?

Cold pressed is the process that uses large amounts of pressure to extract nutrient-rich juice from fresh produce. Heat is avoided during the juice extraction process as it destroys the nutrients in the produce compared to using centrifugal juicer.

This juicing method greatly reduces the levels of oxidation. As a result, you get to enjoy true cold pressed juice that is made fresh, wholesome texture and full of goodness.

What are the benefits of juicing?

Fresh produce is important to a healthy lifestyle. The average person usually gets his/her vegetables from cooked sources. However due to heating, the end product undergo chemical and enzymatic change hence a lot of nutrients are lost.
Drinking cold pressed juice enables the body to efficiently absorb the nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Are your juices organic?

We use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Availability of organic produce varies seasonally. Hence, it is not always possible because we do support local growers and some are not currently certified organic. 

Why are there no fibre in your juices?

There are 2 main types of fiber in fruits and vegetables namely insoluble and soluble. Juicing does remove the insoluble fiber but the soluble fiber still stays. Soluble fiber regulates blood sugar control, helps lower blood cholesterol and control diabetes either type 1 or 2. 


Do the juices need to be refrigerated? What is the shelf life?

Yes. Our juices are all made fresh, not pasteurised or High Pressure Pascalisation (HPP). They have not been heated or contain any preservatives thus maintaining their nutrients and enzymes. Remove them from the cooler bag and store them in the refrigerator immediately after receiving them. The cooler bags together with the ice packs that we provide can help to keep the juices chilled for about 3 hours once taken out from the refrigerator.  

We only juice upon receiving your order and have indicated a best-before date for its freshness. Do shake well before drinking. You can keep the juices for 3-5 days after you receive them depending on how well you store them. 

Should I drink the whole bottle after opening?

We would encourage you to drink the entire bottle once you have opened it. Oxygen will enter and causes the juice and nut milk to oxidise faster. It is always best to finish all so as to enjoy its freshness. 

Why use glass bottles and not plastic?

Certain plastics have chemicals and other harmful toxins that can contaminate our products and your body. Hence we prefer using glass so as to not abuse our juices. Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material which provides great environmental benefits. We encourage you to return your bottles so that we can recycle and save our planet! 

Can I drink your juices if I am lactose intolerant? Gluten free?

Yes. All our juices and nuts milk are plant based and totally dairy and gluten-free.

I'm pregnant/breastfeeding or have health condition? 

Please consult your doctor/physician/gynaecologist first. We are not qualified to give any medical advise. 


Are there any delivery fees? 

Delivery is free to one address in Singapore with purchase of SGD 90 and above.

However, there is a delivery fees of

  • SGD 8 for order SGD 80 to SGD 89.99;
  • SGD 12 for order SGD 70 to SGD 79.99;
  • SGD 20 for order less than SGD 70, and/or delivery to Sentosa and Tuas, and/or outside of our Delivery Time Slots (please confirm the arrangement beforehand).

Any restriction for places of delivery?

We do not deliver to offshore island and restricted areas, Check Points, Restricted Army Camp, Changi Airport Transit Lounge and Paya Lebar Communications Centre.

When will my orders be delivered?

We deliver from Tuesday and Friday excluding public holidays.

Delivery Schedule

Tuesday and Friday

 Delivery Time Slot

10am-2pm & 2pm-6pm (Tuesday)

10am-2pm & 2pm-6pm (Friday)

What if I am not home for my delivery?

We ensure that your juices are delivered to you fresh. For this reason, we are unable to leave juices unattended. Should there be no one to receive the juices, there will be no re-scheduled delivery nor refund for the juices.


How can I get instant rebate?

You will have instant rebate of $0.50 for each return bottle and cooler bag for your immediate purchase at our shop.

Is there any other place or method to return the bottles & cooler bags?

You may return them at the shop, or through our collection service if you have at least 30 returned items.

How do I earn green$ points?

You will earn 1 green$ points for every $1 you spend excluding any delivery fees.

When will I receive my green$ points for my purchase?

You will receive your green$ points once your payment is made for your order.

Will green$ points expire?

There is no expiry date for green$ points. 

Can I combine 2 redemption vouchers for my purchase?

Only 1 promotion or discount code can be used per order. Promotion or discount codes may not be used on already discounted items. 


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by credit or debit card through Stripe. It is extremely easy and fuss-free to make your payment via Stripe – you do not even need to sign up for an account. Do drop us a note at if you encounter any difficulties with the payment.