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Cleanse Programme (1/2/3/5/7-Day)

Cleanse Programme (1/2/3/5/7-Day)

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"Many have embraced the revitalizing benefits of our juice cleanse, discovering the goodness within. Take the first step on a transformative journey towards a healthier and happier version of yourself." 


The green hydrant juice cleanse programme is an all liquid diet, which serves to cleanse, hydrate, build your immunity and nourish your body. 

1-Day Cleanse (Light 1) or 2-Day Cleanse (Light 2) or 3-Day Cleanse (Regular);

*Contact us if you are looking for a 5-Day Cleanse (Intermediate) or 7-Day Cleanse (Advanced) so we can understand better how to help you achieve your goals.

What is in our Juice Cleanse Programme?

A total of 11 bottles replaces a day’s diet, comprising

  • 9x 250ml bottles of juices; and
  • 2x 250ml bottles of activated nut milk

Also includes in the pack:

  • 1x 250ml bottle of booster juice (to be consumed 8x 30ml in 1-3 cleanse days)
  • 1x 25g Herbal Detox Tea bag (1 pack for each day of your cleanse)
  • 1x 25g Herbal Detox Tea bag (bonus tea bag for during or after your cleanse)

*an e-guide will be sent to you after your order has been placed.





What is green hydrant Juice Cleanse Programme? 

The green hydrant juice cleanse programme is an easy-to-digest liquid nutrition that serves to cleanse, hydrate and nourish your body. These raw, nutrient-dense juices and protein-rich nut milks are packed with vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that helps your body to rebuild, renew and heal.

How does a Juice Cleanse work?

A juice cleanse is fasting + a liquid diet.

Fasting is an age-old practice often done for spiritual renewal or in support of the body's regenerative processes. While doing a complete fast can prove to be challenging, it is far more manageable to do so on a time-restricted programme supplemented with juices and nut milks. 

These raw, cold-pressed juices with its living enzymes helps your body eliminate toxins while prebiotics in the nut milks helps stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in your guts. A cleanse is a simple yet effective way to hit the body’s reboot button as it allows the body to rest and recover.


Why do a Juice Cleanse?

Doing a cleanse reduces the amount of stress that your digestive system undergoes from digesting solid food on a daily basis. As your body rests, it takes in vitamins and minerals from nutrient-dense root vegetables and iron-rich leafy greens that helps your body heal. 

We constantly tax our bodies in what we consume—the additives and preservatives in highly processed food, fast food, sweetened beverages, medications and alcohol all take a toll on our bodies as well as what we breath in through environmental pollutants, pesticides, and cleaning products. 

While the body has power to eliminate toxins and heal, the cleanse process helps the body reset and keeps the body’s systems in check.

Who can do a Juice Cleanse?

Most adults are suitable to do a juice cleanse periodically.

We do not recommend cleansing for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, or individuals with an eating disorder. People with medical conditions or under medications are advised to check with their doctor before starting a cleanse.


When do you need a Juice Cleanse?

If you are feeling “off”, sluggish, bloated, trying to break bad eating habits or need a kickstart to healthier living, a juice cleanse gives your digestive system a chance to rest so your body can rejuvenate and heal. 

Which cleanse should you choose?

Be it 1 to 3 days or more, doing a cleanse is a commitment to becoming a healthier you, so enjoy and embrace the process.

1-Day Juice Cleanse (Light 1) is considered light and beginner friendly. It is a great way to kickstart a healthier diet and lifestyle and perfect for those who want to maintain a weekly or bi-monthly juice cleanse. Ideal for beginners or those who feel the effects of late night social dinners, bad eating habits and so on. The 1-day juice cleanse is easy to commit to in terms of time and effort.

2-Day Juice Cleanse (Light 2) is a progressive light cleanse and great for anyone who wants to move on from the 1-day juice cleanse. Adding another day helps to make a "breakthrough" more visible as you progress in your cleanse.

3-Day Juice Cleanse (Regular) is a regular cleanse and our recommendation for anyone who wants to give their digestive system adequate time to rest, flush out toxins and boost the immune system. If your body has been showing signs of stress or of a compromised immune system, a cleanse is an ideal time to rest and reset with some nutritious goodness. You are likely to experience a more optimal outcome and have better lasting results with a regular cleanse.

5-Day Juice Cleanse (Intermediate) is an intermediate cleanse and ideal for anyone whose systems feel overloaded and in need of a more thorough detoxification. As it is 60% more cleansing time than a three-day cleanse, you will release more toxins and you will also need a commitment of the mind and body to complete a longer cleanse. Good for those who wish to have a deeper, longer juice fast to renew the mind and regenerate the body.

7-Day Juice Cleanse (Advanced) is an advanced cleanse and ideal for anyone who wants to focus on healing their body while flushing out stubborn toxins and waste. Doing a juice cleanse periodically and maintaining a plant-based diet helps to reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins accumulated in the body.

 **Please do not jump straight into 5 or 7-Day cleanse if you have never done a three or more day cleanse before and/or in a while. Please contact us to allow us to better understand your needs.**

What can you expect from a juice cleanse?

In addition to feeling better and lighter after a cleanse, many said other additional benefits include having healthier-looking skin and feeling more energetic and alert after their cleanse. Some have shared with us their weight loss, while others told us how good it felt to get back a body that is working like it should. 

Those who completed a longer cleanse said they experienced like a reduction in their chronic inflammation, discovered food sensitivities and how a cleanse helped with symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases. 

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You empowered for your own health. While our bodies heal on its own, we can support the healing process by providing essential nutrition and cultivating a healthier lifestyle.

Doing a cleanse periodically is a perfect opportunity to focus on your health and eliminate toxins accumulated in your body. We hope to be part of it as you decide to embark on your own journey to take stock on what you are eating, cleanse your palate and replace negative eating habits with positive changes that will sustain long term health benefits.

We encourage you to plan and work within your schedule, lifestyle, state of mind and body to reach where you wish to see yourself be.

Last but not least, be kind and true to yourself, as you embark on your personal health journey. You can start today.

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