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green hydrant


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Our juice packs are designed to help you meet a specific need or objective.

"The name speaks for itself  — the HEALING-GREENS juice pack is the ultimate for green juice lovers."

Our HEALING-GREENS juice pack is the ultimate for green juice lovers. Each of these nine bottles are over 80% vegetable content and full of active plant-enzymes that benefits your digestive system. These raw juices have been formulated to be nutritious yet delicious! 

Green is great for so many reasons, one being for our liver. As the body’s largest solid organ, the liver filters toxins out of blood, maintains healthy blood sugar levels and regulates blood clotting. As a member of the immune system, it defends your body from pathogens and performs over 500 vital functions to keep your body alive. 

So be kind to your liver! These cleansing greens are rich in chlorophyll that helps reduce inflammation and enzymes that improve digestion and build your body's immunity. These antioxidants and minerals are key to maintaining good health! 

This is the perfect choice for all green juice lovers, or if you 

  • need to reduce inflammation in your body
  • increase hydration 
  • improve digestion and reduce constipation
  • improve your digestive system
  • manage your weight

Your body will appreciate these cleansing greens and best of all, your liver will thank you.


Juice Pack includes:  9x 250ml

3x 250ml g3-1    |   3x 250ml g3-2   |   3x 250ml g3-3





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