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green hydrant


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Our hydrant juice packs have been designed to help you meet a specific need or objective.

"The name of this juice pack speaks for itself. The FITNESS-POW pack is the fitness enthusiasts who care for their fitness performance and efficient recovery."

Ever wondered which juice enhances your workout or helps you perform better? Having the right fuel can optimise your workout and aid post-workout recovery.

Before you begin, you should understand what your body needs so it can assist you before, during and after a workout.

Pre-Workout Preparation: Known as a "superfood", beetroots raise nitric oxide levels in your body that improve blood circulation and strengthen muscle contractions so they can work more efficiently. This gives you stamina to endure and helps your muscles recover more efficiently. Our g2-1 beetroot carrot juice is best drunk 1-1.5 hours before training or exercising.

Mid-Workout Refuel: Low magnesium levels can lead to early fatigue and muscle cramps. A bottle of dark greens juice during workout keeps you hydrated with essential minerals and gives your body all the nutrients it needs to keep going. 

Dark, leafy greens in our g3-1 watercress kale spinach juice are highly alkalising and rich in iron that strengthens and aids muscle development, and mitigate exercise-induced DNA damage.

Post-Workout Recovery: Congrats on completing your workout! There are things your body needs to rehydrate and recover.

  • Option 1: Additional green juice replenishes your body with minerals and electrolytes lost through sweat. Iron from leafy greens increases protein synthesis by circulating oxygen to your muscles. This helps your muscle repair itself faster and reduces post-workout fatigue. 
  • Option 2: Nut milks are a great way to refuel depleted energy and keep you from running on empty. With its protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat, our nut milk is nutritious way to help you re-energise and recover from a successful workout.  

    So whether you are headed for a HIIT, reformer pilates, or spin class, or about to do some weight training or simply keeping up with your exercises, keep up the good work! This juice pack is perfect for you and will help meet to your fitness needs. 


    Juice Pack includes:  9x 250ml

    Option 1: 3x 250ml g2-1  |  3x 250ml g3-1  |  3x 250ml g3-2

    Option 2: 3x 250ml g2-1  |  3x 250ml g3-1  |  3x 250ml gN-1 or gN-2 or gN-3 or gN-4






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