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gN-2 (Black Sesame)
Nut Milk

gN-2 (Black Sesame)

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Activated Raw Almond Nut | Raw Black Sesame Seed | Ionized Water | Coconut Oil | Himalayan Salt | Vanilla Extract | Yacon Syrup

A plant based milk packed with prebiotics, in creamy nutty black sesame flavour. It is rich in protein, zinc, iron, fatty acids and antioxidants, to promote a healthier and radiant looking self.

  • Boosts bone health and strong teeth
  • Improves the haemoglobin levels for anaemia due to better absorption of iron
  • Lowers the levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the blood
  • Promotes healthy growth of hair and maintain supple skin, lactation in nursing mothers
  • Reduces oxidative stress, the risk of osteoporosis, menopausal symptoms and anti-cancer


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