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Dale Kerukub (Job's Tears)

Dale Kerukub (Job's Tears)

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Dale Kerukub, Job’s Tears are planted by the Lun Bawang communities in the highlands of Sarawak.

Probably the most underrated yet incredibly versatile gluten-free grain that is native to South East Asia, the grains are grown and harvested traditionally without any use of fertilizers or pesticides.

It is used in Traditional Chinese Medical to remove heat, alleviate arthritis and promote digestion.

Weight: 500 grams


Recommendation: Simmer in water till tender (30-45 mins) and drain before adding to salads or mix in other grains. Alternatively, boil with rock sugar and drink as you would with barley drink or dessert.


Origin: Kg Lg Semadoh, Lawas, Sarawak, MALAYSIA

Packaged in Malaysia



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