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Worm Compost

Worm Compost

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It is a green initiative jointly by Farmily 家和农 and green hydrant.

It is the belief and our efforts to look for ways to reduce wastes, educate the public and contribute in sustainable living environment. We take care of the environment and the environment will take care of us too.

As much as your body needs good nutrients, your plants need them to grow healthily too! And they will be thankful for your love to them. 

What do we do with the vegetables and fruits pulps?

After the vegetables and fruits are pressed at green hydrant, the pulps and wastes are collected. Farmily collects them regularly and treats them in their farm. The pulps are fed to black soldier fly maggot and earthworm, and the worm casting are collected after 2-3 months. The worm compost can be used in worm composting, seed starting mix, and soil amendment.

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Worm Compost

The worms found in the Worm Compost are Enchytraeidae, also known as potworms. They do not grow longer than 2.50cm in length. They belong to endoegic class of earthworms, beneath the soil surface, in the dark and rich top soil layer.

What do these Worms help in?

  • Improve aeration and drainage of soil.
  • Sterile soil naturally.
  • Rich source of micro and macro-nutrients, and beneficial microbes.
  • Worm castings contain humic acid, formed during digestion of plant matter.
  • Naturally occurring Auxin is found in worm castings and they promote cell division, stem and root growth. 


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Weight: 1 bag weighs approximately 525-550g

Produced and Packaged in Singapore

















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