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Cleanse Programme
1-Day / 2-Day / 3-Day

Cleanse Programme

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The green hydrant juice cleanse is an all liquid diet:

1-Day Cleanse (Light 1) or 2-Day Cleanse (Light 2) or 3-Day Cleanse (Regular).


It serves to cleanse, hydrate, build immunity and nourish your body. 

A total of 10 bottles, comprising 7 x 350ml bottles of juices and 2 x 250ml bottles of nut milk and 1 x 250ml booster juice to replace a day’s diet. 

The perfect choice to a healthier living!

*There will be e-guides provided after order placed.



What is Juice Cleanse?

Juice cleanse is fasting + liquid diet.

Fasting has been around for thousands of years, usually it was done for spiritual renewal or support the body's regenerative processes. It is a challenge to do a complete fasts in our daily routine, and it is definitely much manageable to do a time-restricted eating programme with juice.

It gives your body a break from digesting solid food, helps to remove some toxins and boosts the immune system. It gives the body with vitamins, minerals and living enzymes from the raw, unpasteurised and cold pressed juices.

Juice cleansing is a simple and effective way to hit the body’s reboot button, and allowing the body to rebuild, renew and heal.


How do you feel after your juice cleanse?

Many feel lighter and cleaner after their juice cleanse.

They find it a great start and shift from their negative eating patterns, binges and triggers, and that is important to recognise. It is as if cleansing the palate and allows one to recognise and introduce more nutrient-dense whole foods in their diet.


Which one should I choose?

Be it a 1-day or 2-day or 3-day juice cleanse, or even more days, you are committed to embark on a journey to a healthier and happier you.

1-day juice cleanse (Light 1) is considered a light cleanse and it is a beginner friendly cleanse. It is great for anyone wanting to kickstart a healthier diet and lifestyle. It is suitable for those who wish to do more regular juice cleanse like once a week or twice a month to upkeep the routines. Good for beginners, or those who attend many late social dinners, or those often in negative eating patterns, or succumb to junk food temptations and so on. Easier to commit in term of time, effort, mind and body.

2-day juice cleanse (Light 2) is considered a progressive light cleanse and ideal for anyone who wish to progress their cleanse journey a little longer, from 1-day to 2-day juice cleanse. You will gradually see a "breakthrough" to embark and be ready progressively for your next longer juice cleanse days.

3-day juice cleanse (Regular) is considered a regular cleanse and ideal for anyone who wish to see better and lasting results through regular monthly cleanse. You need a strong commitment in mind and body to break through our habits. Good for those who wish to have a deeper juice fasting to renew the mind and regenerate the body.

Many have increased energy, alert and vitality after juice cleanse. People share that they loss weight, and some learn how their body feels when it should have been working, others realise how burden their body was, and few think it is a great body and mind retreat for them to rest, mediate and live really healthy.

Work within your own schedule, lifestyle, mind and body.

Every cleanse is Personal.

It is Your Journey to embark, flow and be True to Yourself.


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